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  • Rhyme & Worse - Quick and quirky rhymes for better or for verse!

Introducing Rhyme & Worse. A satirical, fun, some times pensive some times cynical take on the events and happenings around the world. If it's trending, if it's front and centre in your mind you'll find a take here!


Sudhām has been blogging since 2005. His blog keyed in thoughts is a compendium of his musings and short stories. The posts (mainly in English) consist of his thoughts on a wide range of topics covering relationships at home, near home and at work.

Sudhām has been writing poetry for as long as he can remember. Though he has embarked on a journey of becoming a novelist Sudhām is and will always remain a poet at heart. His writings are in English and in Hindi.

Sudhām is a passionate marketer and continues to be a keen observer and student of marketing.  A Brand View Story is a blog that views the world from a marketers lens. Be it politics, cinema, events or happenings Sudhām brings in a brand perspective to it.