poetry in english


Posted 8/8/2018

We are growing older
All the mountains we climbed
We could because for every difficult wheel
I always had your shoulder

We were not even meant to be
Or so we thought
Keeping each other company
Good friends it was..weren't we?

We've come a real long way
Blessed with beautiful angels
Who warm our hearts
Filling them with joy every single day

We are growing older
So much yet to experience and explore
So here's to us keeping the flame alive
Burn bright and before we go out we smoulder

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We Owe You

Posted 3/8/2017

Could have said these words any other day
Not for tokenism but now is better than never they say
So here’s to the women in our life
To our mothers, teachers, friends, daughters and wife
For all the times you were taken for granted
For not always knowing what you wanted
For the love you’ve unconditionally showered 
For all those tough times you were brave and someone was the coward
A simple thank you cannot repay
For holding up our world yesterday tomorrow and today

a river called HOPE

Posted 3/30/2016

There’s a river that flows eternal its called Hope
From the zenith of optimism and down its mountainous slopes
It runs the deepest along the valley of despair
The currents dismissing obstacles like it just didn’t care

Ever accommodating in its spirit
It carries within it
Streams of negativity, even the past
Meandering along teaching you nothing lasts

To opulence from penury
To contentment through misery
There’s a panacea for problems one can’t cope
It’s a river that flows eternal and it’s called Hope


Posted 3/8/2016

Could have said these words any other day
Not one for tokenism but now is better than never they say
So here’s to the women in my life
My mother, my teachers, my friends, my daughters and my wife
For all the times I have taken you for granted
For not always knowing what you wanted
For the love you’ve unconditionally showered
For all those tough times you were brave and I was the coward
I know a simple thank you cannot repay
For holding up my world yesterday tomorrow and today

a date with a memory

Posted 9/9/2015

How does one prepare
To face impending despair
What do you do
When you know the blues are going to hit you

You see the pages of calendar turn
A date with a memory awaits
Passing time hasn't yet healed the burns
Of a day when you were hit by a cruel twist of fate

You try to move on
Carefully treading down memory lane
Past flashing images of a loved one gone
The heart laments, aches and pains

The day passes punctuated with awkward silences
With the mind and heart attempting conversation
What one says the other refuses
Each year its the same situation

Someday the mind hopes the heart shall learn
To look back and remember
The years of pure joy
And not just one bad day in September

moonlit heart

Posted 9/9/2015

The Moon hung low last night
The gentle blowing breeze
The melodic sound of bristling leaves
Pushed a poets heart was under a spotlight

Melancholic as the setting was
My moonlit heart strummed a forgotten yet familiar tune
Vivid memories filled the spaces in between
Of a love long lost never to be seen

The moon with its blemishes and all
Stood testament
That nothing in this world is perfect at all
For in love you are destined
The higher you soar the harder you fall

Love sent a message through the receeding moon though
It won't be long before I go around and am back again
I'll fade out of your sight
Sure enough I'll be back full and bright

Strange is the power love yields
Can cast as a spell of magic
Or drive you to the depths of misery
Inexplicable, inescapble as it is

The low hanging moon had thrown a curve ball
Reminding me of a time gone by
And telling me
Its better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all

the beggar

Posted 9/9/2015

I’ve seen many a time, a beggar.
He sits under the old oak you know,
Just down the street.
He sits there with his hands spread
Crying out just, just a rupee for today’s bread.
He is pitiable.
I wonder why he took to begging.
He is not disabled, that much I know
And his handicap, it never does show.
Was it joblessness? I asked.
But to this he just smiled.
My attempts to know him were futile,
And he’s been there all this while.
I’ve known him for ten years now
And till today I wonder, why?
But my questions get lost in his smile.

the great leveller

Posted 9/9/2015

Centuries of attempts have not achieved
What a few decades of automobiles have.

Traffic of the 21st century has made devils of us all
Man or woman, old or young, rich or poor, short or tall

Give them a set of wheels and watch them change
Into this monster fiction would have found strange.
It jumps the signals and speeds away
Scant regard for tickets for it seldom pays
Lane sense doesn't mean a thing
Heck it cuts across at a crossing
This monster always seems to be in a hurry
A scratch here and a dent there are no cause for worry

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the tempest

Posted 7/20/2015

I wake up to a beautiful dawn
The birds are chirping signalling morn
The wispy clouds floating in the sky
Give no clues of the night that went by

Innocuously they had gathered
Getting darker by the day
The quiet before passed unnoticed
Before long it started to pour
The winds roared and howled all night
As the clouds spat venom with all their might

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count on you

Posted 7/20/2015

You know you cannot do it all
In a journey of a million steps
There's ample scope for one
To stumble and fall

What good is pride
When you're running scared
Looking for a place to hide

Why wait till you're on your knees
Unable to grovel or crawl
A helping hand takes nothing away
When you're in your element walking tall

Between friends there's no place for shame
So whenever you're in trouble
Just call out my name

Because when dark clouds gather
And the sun isn't shining through
To tide me through my worst times
I know that I can always count on you