the great leveller

Posted 9/9/2015

Centuries of attempts have not achieved
What a few decades of automobiles have.

Traffic of the 21st century has made devils of us all
Man or woman, old or young, rich or poor, short or tall

Give them a set of wheels and watch them change
Into this monster fiction would have found strange.
It jumps the signals and speeds away
Scant regard for tickets for it seldom pays
Lane sense doesn't mean a thing
Heck it cuts across at a crossing
This monster always seems to be in a hurry
A scratch here and a dent there are no cause for worry

The bike monster is on a trip its own
And does not seem to mind a broken bone
Over medians and foothpaths it rides
Nothing can stop it neither time nor tide
It takes pride and says this is who I am
and firmly believes honking is what clears a jam

The business monster drives while talking on the phone
the poor old monster in the jalopy thinks on the roads he's all alone
The lady monster shouldn't have a strand of hair out of place
She thinks the mirrors that are all around are meant to see her face
The teenage monster drives in the opposite lane and thinks its cool
Well! the folks waiting for the lights to change are just stupid fools

The drunken monster is the wayward guy
Who does'nt know how many drinks make him high
He has friends who do not make him wary
That one for the road is a thought thats scary

There's another monster who is a combination of all
Its called "Driver" and doesn't care if heavens fall

These are the accounts of a harried traveller
who believes traffic of today is a great leveller
Marx and the likes take a bow
Reforms can wait
coz socialism has a new face now.