poetry in english


Posted 7/20/2015

I remember my first outing as a child
Vivid memories of riding pony on my father's back
I remember getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar
Or how I howled on my first day at school
And getting a whack for my constant chatter

My bloodied lips and black eye
My victory marks from a back alley fight
Pining to sit next to the prettiest girl
Shared lunches and shattered crushes

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an imperfect world

Posted 7/20/2015

Someone once pointed out
There are no straight lines in nature
No perfect circles without doubt

Why in life then do we seek
A straight path leading to the peak

A shower made of perfect spherical drops
Guarantees not a bountiful crop

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man in the mirror

Posted 7/3/2015

I look in the mirror and try to place the face I see
Is this the man that ten year old wanted to be

Years have passed, time enough to have all the boxes ticked
I remember the ten year old had a list

The face in mirror has a dismissive look
I gave it a shot and all that it took
I did some of that and even more
This ship has sailed now to many a shore

I sense your pride said the boy
You have the riches but where's the joy
Happiness now is a mere pretence
Blissful seems a life of ignorance

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walk with me

Posted 7/3/2015

Long walks on moonlit nights
Hand in hand on sandy shores

On the hills on an upward climb
Tearing down the slope

Ambling on lazy winter days
A careful trudge through a muddy puddle

Even on a blazing afternoon
No matter where we are
How hard or long the journey

My all weather friend, my other half
It's you I'd want to walk with me

wish...come true

Posted 7/3/2015

I wake up in the morning
I see your face before me

I close my eyes and open them again
Making sure I'm not dreaming again

I mumble a prayer and thank the power above
All our years together in a moment flash by

A smile spreads on my face
I realise what I have in front of me

Is all that I ever wanted love to be
A constant companion, a partner in all my crimes

What I see is my wish...come true!

a summer crush

Posted 7/3/2015

A school boy's crush
Nothing more than that
A summers infatuation
They said it wouldn't last

No problems no worries
Not a care for the world
Two young hearts skipped a beat
Only to beat together in rhythm

Hand in hand we walked many a mile
Stole kisses in the park
Boy what a summer it was
Gave each other more than just our hearts

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Posted 7/3/2015

Memories are like the rain

At times, a passing drizzle
That brings welcome relief
At times, a downpour
With no end in sight

There are times
You want to reach out
And every drop
That falls in your palms
Sets you aflutter

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c'est la vie

Posted 7/3/2015

Ah! The exuberance of youth
Unfazed by adversity

Such is the irony of life
Age gives you the wisdom to spot it

Whilst it takes away
The courage to face it

the colour of love

Posted 6/20/2015

Dear God

Only you know when

You made this blunder

You sent down Adam and Eve

And for them you created this world to live

You added colour and made things bright

But this fickle human mind you created

Was filled with emotions

To each of them man gave a colour

And added to the commotion

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i believe

Posted 6/20/2015

Sunlight streams through my window
But fails to light up my dark corners

Life seems to have passed me by
While I sat making other plans

A journey spent waiting for the next milestone
Just tunnels without any light at the end

No stopovers, no goodbyes,
No fleeting moments stolen from life

Good things come to those who wait they say
How much longer or how much further I do not know

Hope is the fuel I run on
And I long my destination
Because I believe, Yes, I believe