Posted 6/5/2019


Remember the time when we were WE
Remember when would be together and could just BE
Times when doing nothing together meant EVERYTHING
Times when arguing was just a way of TALKING

Remember saying what we meant and meaning what we SAID
Remember never wishing for a lifetime but always FOREVER
Times when making out meant way more than LOVEMAKING
Times when we gave it all but nothing was really worth TAKING

Remember when we could hear every thought without SAYING
Remember feeling the pain without anyone HURTING
Times of living in the moment and every moment worth a MEMORY
Times of breathing easy around each other and making it easy to BREATHE

Wonder why life feels like all of it was a LIFETIME AGO
Wonder what came over us where did all the time GO
Time perhaps to count our blessings and making the blessing COUNT
Time to stop changing what we had and remembering to make that CHANGE