the tempest

Posted 7/20/2015

I wake up to a beautiful dawn
The birds are chirping signalling morn
The wispy clouds floating in the sky
Give no clues of the night that went by

Innocuously they had gathered
Getting darker by the day
The quiet before passed unnoticed
Before long it started to pour
The winds roared and howled all night
As the clouds spat venom with all their might

Trees uprooted the rivers broke bank
Entire settlements without trace they sank
Oh! What a tumult it caused
The destruction that it left in its wake

The tempest has now blown over
It's time to pick up the pieces
And salvage what you can
Rebuild things make them better
This time stronger than when we began

Got to keep moving forward
Ups and downs are all part of the big plan
The choice is ours and so is the lesson to learn
We can keep looking at the strewn leaves
Or decide on which leaf to turn