Separate Lives

Posted 8/16/2015

How many people do we get to know during the course of our life time? When we meet them, while we meet them do we pause and think about the kind of impact they make, are making or will make on our lives??

Relationships too like many things else, build up into a crescendo and then fade. We meet people, make friends, spend lots of time together, become almost inseparable and yet when we part ways, seem to go on for years without even stopping to think what happened to the person with whom we spent so much time with.

The kids in the neighbourhood, classmates at school, at graduation, at post-grad, colleagues at work; where do we not have an example?

We move through different countries, cities, organisations and keep adding to this list of people whose status would be "Not known".

Our time and thoughts are tied with our work and our immediate family.

And then one fine day there's a chance encounter, a mail, a phone call and it snowballs, again building up into a crescendo only to fade yet again. Another memory created, a record updated.

We journey through life...meeting some people at some point again...never to meet a few others and surely meeting new ones as we continue living.... our separate lives!