"..casual, relatable and simple writing, ensures that most people finish the book in one sitting

Posted 8/17/2016

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Eighteen The End of Innocence by Sudham is a nostalgia. That is correct! This book takes us on a memory ride because it is a story of teenage years and the associated issues. Every one of us has been there and done that, which makes the book very interesting.

The story has three main characters, all going through the most amazing and puzzling phase in human condition, the teenage years. Raghu, Aadi and Shalini go about their lives in a fairly usual way. They are attending their school in the busy metropolitan city, Delhi and are enjoying their own sweet world. There are no half measures or secretive build-up in Eighteen The End of Innocence. Sudham quickly introduces anarchy in the already curious life of Raghu. One fine day, Raghu starts getting blank calls.

For an adult, it may not be a big deal. But seen from the mind of a teenager, it is a matter worthy of all the time. Raghu confides this strange happening to his best friend Aadi. Sudham uses all his experience and writing skills to describe very carefully the thought processes of a young mind, like Raghu. Raghu wonders and wishes that these calls may be from a secret lover or admirer, too self-conscious of revealing ‘her’ identity.

Shalini, the third character in Eighteen The End of Innocence, is in the same coaching class as Raghu. She tells him that even she is getting blank calls, a fact which is surprises Raghu and also defuses his hope of having a ‘secret admirer’. But he and Shalini together decide to find the person behind this game. In this association, Sudham introduces love, or more appropriately, attraction. Raghu and Shalini are falling for each other and introduce a new dimension in Eighteen The End of Innocence.

The entire book is based on the happenings around these teenagers, whether in their real lives or in their minds. The write-up of Eighteen The End of Innocence, very easily suggests that real life experiences were a huge source for the plot. This is what makes Sudham’s writing enjoyable. It is, as though, he is watching over and manipulating the puppets of his show called, Eighteen The End of Innocence. The third person narration lends credibility to the descriptive writing of Sudham.

A very interesting aspect of the book is the style employed in the story-telling. Raghu, Aadi and Shalini, each have a very interesting and different way of looking at things. Sudham lends importance to these characters by telling the story, as seen by each of them. Raghu’s character in Eighteen The End of Innocence, evokes both positive and negative emotions in the reader, inducing a roller coaster ride. Also, the casual, relatable and simple writing, ensures that most people finish the book in one sitting.

1990’s was a very interesting time to grow up in India. Although, separated by hardly few years from those growing up in 80’s, these kids took to the sudden boom in technology and globalization in India, like a house on fire. Unlike the ones in 90’s, those growing up in the 80’s were not tech-savvy or exposed to a wide array of developments, that suddenly took India by storm. This difference is very starkly evident in Eighteen The End of Innocence.

One might expect that there is a certain degree of learning from Sudham’s writing for the teenagers, since there is so much detailing of their lives. But, the author steers clear of this area and focuses largely on the main story resolution. The use of swearing language time and again in Eighteen The End of Innocence, might make one reconsider giving the book in the hands of teenagers. But, overall it is a very readable book for an average adult, especially one , who is keen on revisiting his teen years.

Sudham makes the readers aware of their own raging hormones, when they used to be just like these bunch of teens. Eighteen The End of Innocence, urges us to think and think hard about those times, when the world appeared to be such a beautiful place.

Book Details

Book title Eighteen The End of Innocence
Author(s) Sudham
Genre Fiction
Publisher(s) Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Published in/on 2015
No. of pages 238
ISBN-10 9352013565
ISBN-13 978-9352013562