"The story is simple yet will surely take you down on a stroll to the memory lane."

Posted 1/11/2016

a review by Just Another Bookaholic (http://itsgoingtobeobvious.blogspot.in)


Sudhām’s Eighteen The End Of Innocence is a story about the drastic changes one faces when he/she becomes 18, it is the time to decide what career does one wants to choose & also prepare for the upcoming hardships which also might include separation from friends but it also includes self dependence & freedom.
The story is set in 1990s Delhi & starts with our main character S. Raghuram, a 17 year old boy appearing for boards as well as preparing for his entrance exams at a coaching institute, which proved itself to form a link to Svetlana. But it didn’t actually planned out as the way they wanted it to be *typical first love*. In the mean time he has been receiving blank calls which really have been taking a toll on him. While life was getting along with his best friend Aadi AKA Aditya Mohan Sharma his partner in crime & other friends he suddenly met with Shalini who also claimed to be receiving those blank calls. This link proved to be a boon for them but who was the caller & what was his/her motive behind it?
This story will take you on a ride when you were 18 & the choices you or your friends made. The kind of rush young adults feel when they finally find ‘freedom’ which if not controlled can lead into difficult situations. The story is simple yet will surely take you down on a stroll to the memory lane.